Blue Cave Tour 2021 – What to know?

Blue Cave Tour from Split and Trogir stunning light
Group & Private Blue Cave Tour

Blue Cave Tour from Split & Trogir

We’re bringing you the answers to the most common questions about going on the ridiculously amazing Blue Cave Tour departing from Split & Trogir.

On the Croatian Island of Bisevo, in a bay called Balun, lies the Blue Grotto sea cave, also known as the Blue Cave. It’s one of 26 caves on the tiny island and is without question one of the best caves in Croatia.

Bisevo Island is composed of limestone rock and is inhabited by just a handful of people all year round. The cave, which was formed by erosion from the Adriatic Sea.

Once at the cave, you’ll be struck by the piercing blue hues of the cave, caused by sunlight reflecting through the water and bouncing off the white limestone bottom.

With an increasing number of visitors heading to Split each year, many new tourist agencies have popped up. There are dozens of day trip agencies offering Blue Cave tours, and if you are even remotely thinking about taking a cave boat tour through the Blue Cave, here are a few things to know before you book a tour.

Blue Cave Tour from Split and Trogir our group inisde a blue cave

How Far Away A Blue Cave Tour Is?

There are so many trips that head to the Blue Cave from Split and Trogir each day. You will see the agency’s signs offering a chance to look at the caves as a part of many day trips names:

  • 5 Islands Tour
  • 6 Islands Tour
  • Blue Cave Tour
  • Blue & Green Caves Tour
  • Hvar-Vis Island Blue Cave Tour

The core attraction on any one of these tours is, of course, the Blue Cave, and you are probably already wondering how you can find a tour to see just the Blue Cave only, right? Well, the thing to note here is that: the Blue Cave is located on the farthest territorial point on the Croatian Adriatic Coast, which is a long way to go just to spend 5 minutes in a cave, and return back.

Plus, to get to the Blue Cave and back in one trip from Split, you need to get there by speedboat, a journey that takes 1.5 hours one way. As you can imagine, going on a day trip on a speedboat uses a lot of fuel, which costs a pretty penny.

So, to give you a great return for your hundred-plus euros for group tour or +800 euros for private, the vendors arrange other stops along the way to help you feel like you are getting value for money.

If you don’t want to be with other people on a Blue Cave tour, you could book a private tour just for yourself.


Check the reviews!

Sadly, there are a few lame agencies in Croatia who will make false promises, like promising you can go swimming with dolphins. As you know, dolphins are wild animals, so that can’t be guaranteed.

The fact is you might see them but nobody can promise you when or where.

Other day trip vendors will overpromise you the amount of time you can spend in the cave. One way to find a good agency is to read reviews using Get Your Guide, AirBnb or TripAdvisor.



Inside a Blue Cave?

You should know that the length of time you can spend in the caves is decided, not by your captain, but by the concessionaire who limits the stay in the cave to just 5-10 minutes per boat. Do not be fooled by anyone selling you a tour package that with them you can stay longer. That is not true!


Waiting line

Before you head into the caves, you will spend an hour waiting in a queue (of course, some days it will be much less, and on others more) on Bisevo for your turn to enter and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Blue Cave.

The tickets will in most cases be bought on your behalf by your skipper. While you wait, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the crystal-clear sea, chilling out with a beer or cup of coffee at the cafe.


You Can’t Swim In The Blue Cave!!!

No matter what they will say to you or photos they will show, Blue Cave is protected area and swimming is not allowed!



Blue Cave Tour from Split and Trogir pakleni islands
How many stops?

Longer tour? Good or bad?

Many agencies in Split want to differentiate their offer from others, so they add additional destinations. But let’s be honest, four-five stops is enough!

Don’t be tricked into booking a tour with any more stops. All you will do is spend more time on the boat, and less time exploring each destination.

Out of the 10+ hours a day trip like this takes, you’ll spend about 4 hours in the speedboat and approximately 6 hours touring the destinations. So, any extra stops will reduce the time for swimming and exploring. Who wants to spend more time on the boat than at the destinations? No one!

Our advice is to choose a program that includes a maximum of five destinations. Some popular destinations on a Blue Cave tour from Split include the following:

  • The Blue Cave itself (of course!) on Bisevo Island
  • Hvar Town on Hvar Island
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Stiniva Bay on Vis Island
  • Any other stop on route
Boat is important

Boat! Cheaper tour doesn't mean it is same as expensive one!

Blue Cave Tour from Split and Trogir blue lagoon

Let’s be honest, does anyone enjoy jumping on waves for 5-6 hours straight? 
Whole route is more than 100 miles long and sometimes it can get choppy. In that case boat is really important so check size and what kind of boat you will get on. 

There are good and bad sizes for each model. 
If you take example that most of tours are done with Rib boat (zodiac) with saddle seats benefits that you will get with that boat is speed and probably few extra locations. 
But if you want to have shade and comfort that is not the boat for you! 
Most of Rib boats have only canopy that is protecting skipper and sailor and there is no space for any sort of walking. When you stop you will not have opportunity to lay down and enjoy the sun and work on your tan.

Boats with cabin?
Perfect for rough conditions and other boats can’t even compare with them, but if conditions are rough most of agencies will cancel tour anyway.  

Imagine perfect summer day when temperatures are usually +35 celsius and you are inside a cabin of plastic or metal boat… 
Doesn’t sound so perfect ha? 🙂 
Biggest benefit from that boat is that you will not get splashed but at hot days you will be happy when you get splashed.

Open type plastic boat? 
Most popular kind of boat for Blue Cave for simple reason: 
Perfect spacing for anyone! 
Most of the boats of this kind have a big sundeck at back side where you can enjoy the sun and front part is covered with canopy. 
Usually they have toilet and fridge so you will have everything you need for a perfect day at sea!
Problem with boats of these type is their speed which is between 23-26 knots and when you compare it to Rib boat that goes +30 knots you will not get such a speed but you will get maximum comfort!

Wind or rain?

Bad weather conditions?

Most important question for Blue Cave tour
Most of travel agencies and tour operators that are offering Blue Cave tour are responsible and they will follow up the weather and wind forecast before they decide if they will do a tour or cancel it.

There are two important reasons for that. 

Reason 1. 
Blue Cave entrance is located at south side of island Biševo and when south wind (called “Jugo”) is blowing entrance to the Blue Cave is not possible to reach.

Just imagine going inside this little hole when waves are hitting it…
Problem is that there are days when we are not sure and concessionaire is the one who is making decision. 
Tide is also a big problem and it might seem that conditions are good but if tide is covering entrance it is not possible to go inside. 
Usually we get text confirmation from Blue Cave manager early in the morning if they are working or not but sometimes it can happen that they close it on a way to the Blue Cave and your captain can’t do anything about that. Usually captain will change the itinerary that suits the best for weather and sea conditions and you can get refund for a ticket in amount of 10-15 €.

Reason 2. 
“Tramontana” wind!
Almost everyday around 1-2PM you can feel the wind coming from north and it is usually light breeze. 
But there are days when that wind can get more than 15 knots of power and some of them more than 30.
Around 2-3PM all the boats are located in Hvar town and problem starts when they start to drive back to Split. 
There is only one way home and that one is straight into the waves! 
That experience can get rough and uncomfortable. 
Again everything depends on type and size of a boat and crew that is on the boat. 
If wind gets too strong you will always be offered that you go back with Catamaran or Ferry and crew will go alone or even sleep in Hvar if wind is too strong.
During the summer perfect day can become adrenaline ride back home and crew is in charge of your safety. 
Every single one of them posses boat licence and they have enough experience to make best decisions. 
You will get splashed, you might jump a bit and it can get little bit scary but after 20min when you make right turn around end of island Hvar it will always get better and after you pass between island Šolta and Brač you are good. If you like adrenaline you will enjoy and we usually like to play good old ACDC and rock ‘n’ roll back home.

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