Summer 2018

The beginning of something great

With our first season coming to a close, the time has come to write a few words to everyone that has been with us on this amazing tour of Croatian islands, helped us as well as trusted us, and also, to our future guests.

Bonaca Tours was created with an idea to make something new and unique on a market that is already filled with strong competition.

Every single person in Bonaca Tours is extremely passionate about the work that we do here and we have only one goal:
“Give every person on our boat a feeling that they are a part of our family!”

Our local crew so far is small and young but with years of experience, countless nautical miles behind them and they will provide you with many interesting facts, lessons and myths surrounding every location that you visit, but not only that, you’ll enjoy some good humor and music along the way!

It wasn’t easy to do more than 100 tours in one summer, to get up every day at 05:45 AM and finish your working day around 10:00 PM, to lose more than 10kg of weight, to deal with sun, wind, waves and rain… But at the end of every day, we had a big smile on our faces, thanks to you, our dear guests who gave us memories we’ll never forget!

At the start of every tour, we were a group of strangers from all around the world, but by the time we were sailing back to Split, we were a group of friends and it was amazing to see you go on dinners and make plans for future trips together!

On our first tour ever we had Mr. Sid Gupta with his lovely wife and adorable little daughter, crazy family Synthia, teachers from the USA that liked a drink in a restaurant (actually, they liked it a lot!), family from Italy that made us laugh and cry at the end, Gina and her dancing husband, the family from Norway that still needs to take us on a snowmobile ride (yeah, we didn’t forget about this!), Krizia with her beautiful dog, Jonny, Falk, the family from Dubai and many more of you! We didn’t forget anyone from you and you will always be in our memories!

One huge THANK YOU from the whole Bonaca Tours team!

"Doing what you like is freedome. Liking what you do is happiness!"

Mercan Excursion 36 - ''Zuzu''

On the Boat Show in Dusseldorf, we had decided to get the very first model of 2018 Mercan Excursion 36 ever made and took a huge risk since not even factory could give us detailed info about the boat. Our brand new boat was 2 months late and we were already starting to worry since we didn’t have any photos to use for marketing and we didn’t know much about its speed, behavior on the choppy sea, fuel consumption, NOTHING! Finally, we got it on 9th of May, 2018.! We put all of the equipment inside and after the first ride, we were blown away! “Zuzu” was perfect and that’s something that our future customers will recognize!

  • 11,8m long
  • 3,8m wide
  • 380HP diesel engine
  • Huge 12m2  rear sundeck with capacity for 8 persons
  • Main seating area for 15 passengers
  • Front sundeck for 3 persons
  • Lots of storage space
  • Toilete
  • Roof that is sun and waterproof

The boat simply had everything necessary for an amazing experience no matter where we go!


In 2019 and the future years to come, we plan to improve, learn on our mistakes, change everything that is bad and further improve what is good. We also plan to expand and start doing multi-day tours! That is one of our main goals because then we can show you the true beauties of Dalmatia! In 2-3 days we can show you the best locations, hidden caves, lighthouses, teach you how to catch fish and grill it, tell you about the old traditions and many more things!

We can promise you that we will continue to develop this story so every one of you that comes with us on a journey will not only have a tour, you’ll have a unique Bonaca Tours experience!

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